Our educational goals are based on the language acquisition in order to strengthen our students’ linguistic competence and skills and motivate a continuous evolution of their speaking and writing competencies.

Our teachers are all professionals with degrees and diplomas and experience in leisure management and, above all, with the aptitude to teach a foreign language. They regularly follow an annual training that allows for implementing new teaching methods and applying an evolving program. The following goals highlight our main purposes:

1. Teaching the communicational method of the language.

2. Raising awareness within participants to reinforce confidence in themselves by teaching them that they can use the language to communicate like others speakers do.

3. Impelling to use the language not only in the classroom but also when playing, role-playing, doing sport, etc.

4. Showing how to lose their fear of speaking and making mistakes.

5. Building a positive attitude towards the language.

6. Enjoying the language learning process.

The teaching planning is built from a perspective of communication, in which students’ participation is essential. Their motivation plays an important role in their learning; therefore, the teacher-monitor uses specific material and topics that are adapted to suit their students’ interests, as we take into account their personal needs and implicating them as much as possible.


Obviously, our leisure activities vary according to the topics and resources we make use of: 

Storytelling with partner libraries, Canaletas neighbourhood festival, Cerdanyola festival, Comerç i Serveis, Christmas market, Easter, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, Saint George’s Day, etc.

We create a special program with recreational activities that are monthly planned and that include several options, if needed.


The School always encourages respect for other participants’ traits and personality, since each student comes from different schools with a wide diversity of ages, sociocultural backgrounds and educational projects. Our teachers are aware that achieving this goal requires the usage of several methodological tools, such as setting discussions in class while taking into account and respecting everyone’s turn to speak and opinion or the utilization of roleplaying so that the student accepts language immersion. We know as well that it demands a thorough monitoring of attendance and behaviour, apart from punctuality, respect, heed, etc.