Meeting Point School of Languages has as an objective to teach different languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French) through active education in every context, regardless of age ranges. By means of the educational services we offer, as well as several social activities we carry out (storytelling in public libraries, summer trips abroad and linguistic summer camps), we attempt to have an influence on the participants by not only teaching them a new language but also sharing sociocultural knowledge and values of different foreign countries. In other words, we find strictly necessary to encourage civic responsibility.

As we take part in the movement proposed by Escola Nova that supports teaching renovation, we focus on our participants and their requirements while we take into account their personal interests. Teachers offer guidance and motivation to students depending on their social, physical or emotional needs. This is the main reason why we believe that enhancing communication between the school, tutors, teachers and participants is fundamental to our educational project.

Our school inherited the reformist ideas from those educationalists that believed in the active school and, at the same time, we pay special attention to current teaching theories. The youngest students will experiment in our school with several projects that will help them to generate new structures and opinions by themselves. Likewise, adults will develop critical thinking and autonomy by making use of new technological resources.

Our main system to achieve a better language immersion is to integrate every participant into an environment in which the foreign language prevails. Our teachers and monitors use the new language and encourage their students to speak it too when carrying out activities and discussions.

Among the basic values that rule over our teaching methodology, we highlight the following:

  • Showing respect for diversity and our classmates
  • Protecting the environment and its sustainability
  • Integrating and recognising the territory
  • Becoming aware of the responsibility involved when being part of a group.

Additionally, we promote innovation and development, as most of our students have been part of the Meeting Point family for years and we want to prevent them from finding our dynamics and activities repetitive or boring. As a result, we try to keep our good customs and hallmark; therefore, we review our lesson planning and objectives every year so that we adapt to our students and the current social situation.