Our staff is made up of passionate young teachers who combined their university education with their studies on leisure supervising. The team consists of educationalists, linguists, translators and teachers who are specialized in pre-school, primary and special education, besides several group leaders, summer camp coordinators and some recreation and leisure activities instructors and supervisors. 

Our professional experience has given us the opportunity to work in different countries: England (London, Wellington, Bath), Wales (Cardiff), Ireland (Dublin), Scotland (Edinburgh), the US (California, Nevada, NY), Malta and Cape Town.

By virtue of our careers and personal backgrounds, we give our best to keep ourselves up to date and to carry on with our training, since our aim is to offer high-quality education while we convey knowledge and moral values on a daily basis. Among the wide range of courses that supplement our degrees, we can highlight the following:

  • Formadors de Formadors
  • Resolució de conflictes: treballem la mediació i la negociació
  • Com preparar un casal d’estiu
  • Bullying: com lluitar contra ell
  • La intel·ligència emocional en diferents etapes educatives
  • Prevenció i mediació de conflictes dins l’aula
  • Plataformes web de gestió escolar i sistemes educatius no propietaris
  • Intervenció educativa en autisme: desenvolupament i escolarització

We are committed teachers and we seek a friendly, stable work environment, so we work perseveringly not only to strengthen the bonds with our students but also to build up a cohesive, involved teacher team. 

We are aware of the main role technologies play in our everyday life, and that is why we try to foster them in the classroom and work with new teaching methods, such as ICT and CLIL.



Directora, professora d’anglès i italià i preparadora exàmens oficials.


Administrativa i professora substituta


Professora d’anglès i preparadora dexamens oficials


Professora d’anglès



Professora de francès i anglès


Professora de nens i adults.


Professora d’anglès i preparadora dexamens oficials