For schools, we have the following options:


We develop our education programs and class planning so that we strengthen speaking skills, as we want our students to acquire fluency and a solid grammar basis while playing or carrying out group activities and discussions. We do not use textbooks in the classroom because we want our classes to be dynamic, but we always assess the students’ progress for guaranteeing the quality of their learning process.


In order to fulfil extracurricular competences, we offer classes between one and three hours long that revolve around the following subjects:

Arts and Crafts: Painting, drawing, crafting, origami, etc. courses taught in English. These lessons are conducted in English, so the assessment, instructions and communication will be provided in the foreign language. Each student shows their artwork and explain its procedure at the end of every lesson.

Dancing: Ballroom dance, modern dance, funky and R&B practice, while the instructions are given in English. Students listen to different songs, translate them and get ready for showing their dance to parents.

Theatre: In our theatre course, we study different works in the foreign language by reading, translating and understanding them, and they are performed afterwards.

This program lasts one school year, i.e., from September to June. At the end of the year, we give the opportunity to organise a special show for the families, suitable for both children and adults. Besides, students can ask for a course completion certificate to accredit their level and attendance.